The game will be in the settings of the 90's country side. A group of teenagers partying in a barn. Our main character, John, was enjoying the time of his life. Just when you thought it's just a normal old school house party. 

Not for too long until an accident happened, John's soul has left his body and wandered into another dimension. We have to guide him through the game, help him find his way back to the world he came from. Throughout the game, John will meet other spirits. They are going to give you clues about some kind of monster. 

But, what monster? Aren't the spirits the monsters? You'll have to help John figure all this out. In the end, you will know who really is the monster.


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Hi this seems really cute and I really would love to play it right now, but please make a full screen option and list the mechanics. Thank you in advance if you could do so!